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The Hotel

Welcome to the original Hotel California…. We invite you to experience the mystique of this world-renowned hotel located in the charming colonial town of Todos Santos. Just a 45 minute drive from Cabo San Lucas along the newly paved coastal Highway 19, the hotel is now easily accessible…

"Todos Santos, rated #7 emerging destination in the world"
-Tripadvisor 2010

Despite the fact that the iconic Hotel California was built in 1948, long before the birth of classic rock music, it ironically shares several striking similarities to the lyrics of some of the genres most famous songs. Although this may be the initial draw for many curious visitors, it quickly becomes overshadowed by the hotel's own enchanting personality. Masterfully renovated in 2002, the decor gracefully blends the modern with existing colonial Mexican architecture and furniture. Exploding with brilliant color, metal and glass sculptures, exotic plants, and artifacts from around the world, it is truly a celebration of the senses…

"Lush life. The 1950s Hotel California... reopened in 2002 with a Marrakech – meets Mexico décor and it's own brand of Tequila."
-Conde Nast

Come stay in one of the wildly imaginative rooms or choose to simply drop in for a leisurely meal and refreshing margarita at La Coronela Restaurant Bar. Also check out our magnificent bazaar, The Emporio – chock full of eclectic treasures along with our exclusive Legendary Hotel California products…

"Boho gone smart and definitely in vogue"
-Vanity Fair

For additional information and inquiries contact:

Alejandro Blanco (011 52) 612 145-0482
Adolfo Blanco (011 52) 612 145-0630